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  1. Mr. Reality at 5:34 pm

    What an idiotic question! Not better or worse, just different, Silly Sally! This is the absolute worst that blogs have to offer. People like you shouldn’t be asking such questions. Get back to us when you’ve accomplished more than a second-rate B-L-O-G for a stock photography company, of all things. PUH-LEASE.

  2. Rachel Hulin at 5:39 pm

    Mr. Reality, you are hilarious. I like Crewdson’s earlier work. It’s loose and feels real. I don’t mind the newer stuff, it just feels a little too processed. I’m sorry I made you so mad. R

  3. Dr. Ziv at 6:45 pm

    @ Mr. Reality Remain calm. Remember, at our last session, we discussed that it was important to take ALL the meds. @ Rachel I prefer the new. The old you can find in a shoe box in almost any family’s closet.

  4. Jason at 9:12 pm

    On first glance, I’d prefer the older stuff. It just feels freer, less pretentious, and more real. While on first glance I don’t _like_ the later set of images, I do appreciate the technical aspects of them… the earlier images (as already stated) could have been taken by anyone- though the same can be said of lots of ‘known’ photographers’ works…

  5. caleb condit at 6:21 am

    definitely a fine wine. Sure it´s different, more production, etc, but I´m much more into it. It´s like stills from some movie that unfortunately has never been made. Maybe it´s just me living overseas and missing the good ol midwest at times, but the last shot there on the empty street is something I can really relate to. The familiar aspect to his imagery isn´t gone, it´s just being tweaked into the narratives that keep him awake at night.

  6. Centa at 11:49 am

    A fine wine, in my opinion. I love his work, all the effort that he puts into arranging the lighting is amazing, and results in such beautiful, surreal (yet accessible) images.

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