David Lynch Turns the Other Cheek. Twice.

David Lynch Turns the Other Cheek. Twice.

I’ve spent an embarrassingly long time researching this post, so I apologize if the fruits of my labor are rather dull. You see, I love Nadav Kander and I love David Lynch, and I love Kander’s portrait of Lynch. So I thought it would be grand to find lots of interesting portraits of Lynch. But here’s the kicker; Lynch is a director. And he seems to think he’s got a good side. Except when he’s smoking. See for yourself.

*Also, as a good reader points out: that hair!


photo by Nadav Kander


photo by Barry J. Holmes


photo by Nicolas Guerin


photo by Derek Hudson

photo by Reimar Juul


photo by Jonathan Frantini


photo by Gerry Mooney

Oh Boy, he’s showing the left cheek (the cigarette must make him feel armored)…


photo by Monica Almeida


photo by Dina Rudick

O dear, theory fails.

photo by Matthew Welch

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