Oldest Known Photograph of a Tornado, Etc.

Oldest Known Photograph of a Tornado, Etc.


August 28, 1884
Oldest Known Photograph of a Tornado
22 miles southwest of Howard, South Dakota

This photograph fits right in with our vintage theme today, and it also matches my mood. Did you know the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a photo library that’s all under public domain? Well they do. And it’s awesome.

I now know what a “waterspout” looks like. Have you ever heard of this? Good lord.

September 10, 1969
A waterspout off the Florida Keys photographed from an aircraft
Photograph by Dr. Joseph Golden

Different angle and photographer:

September 10, 1969
Archival Photograph by Mr. Steve Nicklas
A giant waterspout in the mature stage
During peak intensity this waterspout had a diameter of approximately 30 meters

Here is a dust storm:

April 18, 1935
Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas. Dust bowl surveying in Texas
George E. Marsh Album

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