Introducing PhotoShelter 101: The Playbook for New Members

Introducing PhotoShelter 101: The Playbook for New Members

You wouldn’t buy a new camera without reading the manual first, and it should be the same for setting up your photography website. So we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started with your PhotoShelter account, and also take advantage of all the ways PhotoShelter can help build your photography business.

PhotoShelter 101: The Playbook for New Members is designed for both new PhotoShelter members and those who want to make sure they’re on the right track with their existing PhotoShelter account (given the recent Image Browser upgrade, everyone is still a bit new here). PhotoShelter 101 focuses on defining the key components of your PhotoShelter account and  important steps for setting up your website. Get answers to the most common questions, unlock the power of the Image Browser, and receive advice straight from our Client Services specialists.

In PhotoShelter 101 you’ll learn your way around the back-end of your PhotoShelter account and get easy-to-follow, basic instructions for building out your photography website. This includes:

  • How to efficiently create galleries, upload photos, and customize your PhotoShelter website.
  • Best practices for organizing your work within the Image Browser.
  • Specific workflow advice from our Client Services specialists.
  • A user-friendly glossary of PhotoShelter icons.

Both written instructions and links to video tutorials are provided to answer many of the questions that come up as you’re getting started. PhotoShelter 101: The Playbook for New Members is a must-have for anyone looking for a guide on how to set up their account and get the most from our service.

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