Live Webinar: How to Break Into Travel Photography with Andrew Rowat

Live Webinar: How to Break Into Travel Photography with Andrew Rowat

Photo by Andrew Rowat/Polo match in Mongolia

These days, travel photography has become more of an umbrella term that covers everything from portraiture to food to architecture and interior photography – really anything you’ve seen spread across the pages of magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler. Honing his skills and shooting all these specialties was one way travel photographer Andrew Rowat stood out from the crowd. Now his work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and more.

But before he forged relationships with editors from some of the top-tier travel and lifestyle publications, Andrew was asking himself the same questions that most emerging travel photographers ask themselves: “How the heck do I make this into a career?” In this live webinar, Andrew Rowat speaks with PhotoShelter Chairman Allen Murabayashi about the challenges that travel photographers face in an increasingly competitive industry. Andrew, who was named one of PDN’s 30 photographers to watch, will help answer:

  • What can you do to get the attention of photo editors without a previous connection or referral?
  • How do you negotiate contracts that initially seem like an unfair deal?
  • Is it possible to continue working on personal projects, and even get photo buyers to pick them up?
  • What are the copyright issues in travel photography?
  • And more!

Andrew will also be answering your questions, so please send them in before the live event! Email with your top travel photography questions. Then join us on Wednesday, July 25th at 4pm EDT for this webinar: How to Break Into Travel Photography with Andrew Rowat!

More images by Andrew:

Photo by Andrew Rowat

Photo by Andrew Rowat

Photo by Andrew Rowat

Photo by Andrew Rowat

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  2. Heather Nilson at 10:01 pm

    I think that was your best webinar yet. Thank you so much. Could you schedule about two…or six… or a hundred more interviews with photogs like this who break into markets without landing a newspaper job out of photography school? Thanks!

  3. Sivan Askayo at 1:00 pm

    Lauren, I would love to contact you via email and introduce you to an ongoing photography project I do regarding Travel, called ‘Intimacy under the Wires’

  4. John Philip at 3:25 am

    Great webinar. Very fascinating and informative. Definitively one of your best.
    Well done Lauren and Allen.
    I know Andrew’s work so it was good to know how he operates.

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