New Webinar! From Camera to Delivery: Streamlining Your Digital Workflow

New Webinar! From Camera to Delivery: Streamlining Your Digital Workflow

Professional photographers spend years streamlining their digital workflow and finding the best systems to make their lives – and their clients’ lives – easier. Thankfully, freelance travel photographer Gavin Gough has developed a comprehensive guide to help fellow photographers build the best process for them.

In this live webinar on Tuesday, July 23rd at 2pm ET co-sponsored by our friends at X-Rite, Gavin will share his tips and realistic advice to help you reduce the amount of time spent managing your digital photos. He’ll discuss in-camera color calibration, safeguarding your images, data management, and using Lightroom 4 to organize and process your images. Gavin will also talk about how to get your photos ready for website display.

Join us for this live event, and be sure to check out Gavin’s ebook The Photographer’s Workflow.

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  1. Duke Kato at 1:31 pm

    Hi – I had to take a call and missed the last 10 minutes of this Webinar on Digital Workflow yesterday. It it available for replay? Or are the charts available?
    Good presentation despite the sound problems.
    Thanks for arranging

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