New Webinar: The Drone Photographer – How Eric Cheng Is Democratizing Aerial Photography

New Webinar: The Drone Photographer – How Eric Cheng Is Democratizing Aerial Photography


Eric Cheng spent over 10 years mastering underwater photography before deciding to try his hand at aerial videography. Now he’s already turning the industry on its head with a new innovation that allows photographers to capture above-ground footage without the massive expense of a helicopter.

With a background in computer science, and having been the previous Director of Photography at Lytro, Eric has a deep investment in the progression of both photography and technology. For his aerial work Eric experimented with an ordinary radio controlled drone and a simple GoPro Hero. The electronic gimbal (attachment) he created with a friend is what keeps every shot flawless, unaffected by the wind, and absolutely stunning.

In this webinar we’ll talk to Eric about this incredible alternative to the traditional aerial photography methods, his work both underwater and above ground, and what gear is involved.

Join us and Eric Cheng on Wednesday Oct. 16th, 4pm ET to learn:

  • How Eric got into aerial photography

  • FAA rules and regulations you should watch out for

  • How to create your own drone videography on a low, medium or high budget

  • His plans for future projects

See some of Eric’s incredible aerial videography here.


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