Selects #4: A Wintery Mix

Selects #4: A Wintery Mix


For this week’s Selects, our new(ish) opt-in email that features PhotoShelter talent, we were seeing a pattern of cold, icy, and white. We put together a collection of great submissions that gave us the feeling of winter. From the ski slopes, to waiting for that train back home (or where ever the holidays might be taking you this year), the northern part of the world is all feeling the chill.

This will be last Selects for 2013, but we’ll get back on the wagon in 2014. So keep submitting your strongest images so we can create more lovely Selects, each with a different subject matter, theme, and feeling. If your image wasn’t chosen this time around, don’t worry — past submissions are still considered.

Photo by Paul Cooklin

Photo by Paul Cooklin



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