Unveiling the all New PhotoShelter.com

Unveiling the all New PhotoShelter.com

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just launched a brand new look for our public website at PhotoShelter.com. Our homepage, examples, guide resources and everything else accessible from Photoshelter.com is completely revamped to not only look great, but work great, too.

The all new PhotoShelter.com Homepage

The all new PhotoShelter.com Homepage

The new, public-facing site is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly so you can find what you need and view it all in the way it was designed to be seen no matter what device you may be using. And, we’re featuring the gorgeous work of some of our extremely talented PhotoShelter members on just about every page of the new site. We’re really thrilled and honored to give credit to the following photographers:

Oscar Bjarnason
Adam Chandler
Corey Hendrickson
Iain Masterton
Erika Plummer
James Ransom
Jennifer Squires
Andrew Strain

The new PhotoShelter.com Homepage on an iPhone 5

The new PhotoShelter.com Homepage on an iPhone 5

Here’s some new pages we’re particularly excited to share with you:

The new Explore Page: search millions of images from PhotoShelter members on our new Explore Page. Our “Advanced” search allows you to sort by orientation, licensing options, and more.

The Website Examples Page: see how some of our greatest members, including Joe Mcnally, Zack Arias and Lindsay Adler display their work on our Beam templates.

The Resource Page: all our guides are available for download, and browsing through them has never been easier.

Our all new Team Page: learn about the folks who work here at PhotoShelter, and see a few wacky Fuji Instax moments.

Take a moment to look through the new PhotoShelter.com – we hope you like it as much as we do!

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