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I feel like I can finally take a moment to breathe again. The months leading up to PhotoPlus Expo were quite busy here in the PhotoShelter Lab (yeah, it’s technically the ‘office’, but “Lab” sounds much more accurate and certainly cooler), so we haven’t been blogging as much.

The Expo was great. Everybody seemed to be talking about RAW files, inspired by Apple’s big product announcement, “Aperture.” Of course, PhotoShelter has been supporting RAW files since the day we launched, so we were thrilled to see Apple join the party.

Our booth was almost constantly busy. We had two computers set up, and gave what seemed to be non-stop product demos. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of people saying (loudly, at times) “OH MAN! That is COOL!” when they watched the drag-n-drop sequencing in action. Everyone seemed to key in on certain things, though – but the Drag-n-Drop stuff seemed to be universally cool.

If you were one of the lucky ones to score one of our PhotoShelter t-shirts, we hope you wear it proudly! For those of you who didn’t, well, here’s a picture of the back of it. Let me warn you that there is some photo geek humor on the other end of that link – so click at your own risk!

(These were such a hit that we might even make another batch and make them available on the site.)

Thanks to everyone who made a special trip to see us at the Expo. The support and encouragement is definitely appreciated by the entire staff. We really need to get our collective butts out of the lab more often.

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