Bird Flu found in PhotoShelter

Bird Flu found in PhotoShelter

David Honl is a photojournalist based in Istanbul, Turkey. In January, the bird flu problem hit this part of the world – and it was all over the international media. It still is.

Shooting in “less than ideal conditions”, David has been busy documenting the story since it first broke, using PhotoShelter to help him get his images to picture editors around the world, quickly and easily.

David, who maintains a blog of his own, recently described how he’s using PhotoShelter, and how it has improved his workflow and efficiency.

“While I was writing this piece, I got an e-mail from a publisher,” David writes. “They want to use a picture from my website for a Kurdish language booklet. Once we’ve agreed on a price, I’ll create a ‘Quick Hi-Res Download Link’ for the client, and I’ll have easily paid for a year of PhotoShelter service with this tiny sale.”

A gallery of David’s “Bird Flu / Turkey” images can be found here:

David is one of several PhotoShelter users with an interesting tale to tell. In future entries to the PhotoShelter Blog, I’ll be sharing more of them.

If you have an interesting story of your own, we’d like to hear from you, too.

Thanks for sharing your story, David.

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