T-Shirt Monster

T-Shirt Monster

Sure, it’s April, but back in December, I wanted to make some T-shirts for the guys as a holiday gift. But what should go on the shirt???!?!

I was perusing illustrators on AltPick, a source book for creatives, and found a guy in Canada named Luc Latulippe who had a very clean, modern style. So I gave him a call, and we talked about some ideas….

The shirts came out great (even though my sister didn’t like them). And then while I was googling, I found Luc’s Flickr page which shows the final design and his original sketch for the shirt — it’s monster-proof, baby.

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  1. Luc Latulippe at 11:09 pm

    Sweet! Thanks for the kind words! Hope they’ve been spreading joy. Any pics of them as actual t-shirts? Or better yet: anyone wearing one? 🙂 (I’m very vain!) Hope all’s well with you Allan!

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