Printing to Your Heart’s Content

Printing to Your Heart’s Content

We love the automation of printing through EZPrints. High-quality prints that are printed then mailed without any manual intervention. It’s a perfect way to sell prints through PhotoShelter unattended.

However, people said, “Hey Allen, I want to sell an autographed print on duratrans mounted on a lightbox measuring 4′ x 8′. How can I do that?” We pondered the question for many days and nights because we recognize that many photographers want more control over the output of their prints, and want to offer special options that require manual intervention at a higher cost.

Self-Fulfillment is not only a new age philosophy, it is our new module for handling non-automated printing. You can set up shipping zones (e.g. North America), shipping methods (e.g. USPS, FedEx, etc), taxation (e.g. VAT in europe, or a local tax in the US), and a product (e.g. an 8×10 mounted on a piece of drift wood). Price the new product in your Print Profile, and when the orders start flying in, they will appear in your “Pending Sales” list under the new “Image Sales” tab. Once you print and ship the product yourself, enter in the optional package tracking information, and we’ll send another e-mail to your customer. It’s really cool stuff!

And we also have beefed up some existing functionality by offering sFTP and scp in our FTP export module, as well, as the ability to resend gallery invitations with a simple click.

And with that, enjoy your Memorial Day and remember the troops!

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