Free at Last!

Free at Last!

We’ve been thinking for a while about the psychology of using a service like PhotoShelter. Most people don’t have the luxury of time where they can dedicate a few hours to considering how PhotoShelter can help them with archiving, distribution and sales. Even with a grace period of a week or a month, reality often makes these artificial time frames difficult.

So we’re happy to release the availability of a free account. This means that you can try out most of the features of PhotoShelter without obligation indefinitely. If you find that it’s working for you, then upgrade to a paying account. If it’s only providing transient utility to you, then pay nothing and use it occasionally for your lower volume jobs. (You can find out more about what the free account includes here).

The other happy part of this equation is that we no longer require you to enter your credit card information on sign-up. We figure if you like the service, then you can enter your billing information later.

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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