Rights-Managed Sales with fotoQuote® is here!

Rights-Managed Sales with fotoQuote® is here!

After a few months of heavy development, the Rights-Managed module with fotoQuote® is here. We have extensive documentation within the Subscriber section, but here’s a few quicktime videos that you can watch to introduce you to what is possible.

PhotoShelter is now the ONLY online service that will allow an individual photographer to handle all of the three major licensing types: 1) print (both automated fulfillment and self-fulfillment), 2) royalty-free, and 3) rights-managed. This doesn’t mean some lightweight inquiry form – we’re talking a fully automated sales solution where YOU set the pricing.

So let’s recap what we have that no one else does:

  • Support for over 400+ image file formats, including RAW and PSD image files.
  • Local and geographical redundancy with mirrored datacenters means your files are safe.
  • Integration into professional workflow applications like Photo Mechanic and Aperture.
  • A customization system that enables you to match the look/feel of any website for a truly seamless integration of PhotoShelter into your site.
  • Pricing plans that start at $10/month with no sign-up fee or annual commitment. For $49/month, you get 100GB of disk space, not just 20. (The $19/month plan will get you 35GB of space.)
  • A completely free, limited storage account that you can use indefinitely to manage your professional photography.
  • A fully functioning e-commerce marketplace since the day we launched.

2007 is going to be a huge year for us. So look forward to more announcements that will shake things up.

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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. Brad Mangin at 2:44 am

    Allen- the new fotoQuote system kicks ass. I just made my profile and have over 8,500 images ready to be purchased publicly using fotoQuote. AND thanks for the return of the big green buttons!

  2. Thomas Pickard at 7:04 am

    To Allen and all of the PS crew – thanks for continually rolling out such relevant and functional tools. I could not imagine running my business without the power of the Photoshelter product. Like Peyton, I really do wonder what could possibly be next!

  3. idmurray at 7:52 am

    Excellent, exciting news. How refreshing that you promised January 2007 and delivered on time. I continue to be extraordinarily impressed by the Photoshelter team. Many thanks, Ian Murray

  4. Ian L. Sitren at 8:25 am

    Following the recent plugin for Aperture that you added, you are making my workflow actually flow right into business with bringing in fotoQuote. How you came up with this idea I don’t know, but good going. I will be implementing it shortly. The only thing left for PhotoShelter to do is to actually go out and shoot my assignments for me.

  5. Clive Evans at 9:06 am

    This is at last a real opportunity for an individual photographer to compete directly with the big agency sites. It’s just what we need in today’s marketplace, Thanks! Clive

  6. Andy at 9:08 am

    This could not be more perfect timing, as I am on the cusp of uploading an absurd amount of images. Thanks for all of the hard work, Allen. Very much appreciated.

  7. Leonide Principe at 7:36 pm

    PhotoQuote is a very important tool for independent photographers, nevertheless I am astonished about phasing out the legacy inquiry… this too is a good tool to have a direct human contact with the buyers, and, I think, the photographer can have the oportunity to choise beetwen the two systems. On my side, I prefere in a first time the inquiry, and, in a second step, I quote the image and negociate with my client. The automatized robotized system of the industry can have his importance in a mass industrial sellers, but the single photographer have to build a strong direct relationship with clients. I hope to help in constructive way, Leonide Principe

  8. Richard Tugwell at 1:10 pm

    Agree with everyone about this – however using Firefox on Mac OSX the RM purchasing popup doesn’t work – background is transparent. I guess it’s supposed to work like a modal dialogue

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