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Grover likes to tease me because I’m the kind of guy that believes you simply cannot have enough watt/seconds of lighting (seriously, can you ever have too much?). I frequently joke that the only problem with a picture is a lack of a few more strobes.

Being a gadget guy, I have a bunch of high powered strobes from dynalite, Profoto and Elinchrom (don’t ask) becaue I believe the more lights the better. So imagine my dismay to find The Strobist, whose motto is “Less Gear, More Brain, Better Light.” Less Gear? Are you nuts?

Then I look at the Strobist’s pictures, and damn, they look better than mine. And all he’s using is some rinky dinky flash. More validation for not having pursued a career in photography. It turns out, I needed less gear and more talent. Unfortunately, talent isn’t on sale at B&H.

Alas, I was so impressed, and saw so many message board threads about the Strobist, that Grover and I decided we should put our little banner ad on his site. The Strobist is one of those great Internet stories where some guy follows his passion to create his little space on the Internet, and then gains a loyal, niche following. It’s totally homegrown, and awesome.

I’m not ready to sell my Profoto’s just yet, but maybe I’ll pull out the Nikon speedlight a little more frequently.

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  1. Allen Murabayashi at 7:55 pm

    Ah, so you are proving my point that you can never have enough strobes — even in a completely dark room. You never know when you have to shoot at f/64 on an 8×10! Strobist, you’re still the man.

  2. David Hobby at 2:36 pm

    Actually, this isn’t my place. It was shot in the studio at The Baltimore Sun. The Profotos are the big studio flashes used by most of the other shooters when in the studio. I am more of a BYOF kinda guy. But I do like the Profoto power packs very much. They are well-built, and that’s important when I need something to stand on for a slightly higher angle… Killer Coast Guard training photo out front today, BTW.

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