5000 Photographers

5000 Photographers

Some time yesterday afternoon we hit a cool milestone. We now have over 5,000 photographers using PhotoShelter. Now granted, this represents a mere drop in the bucket compared to MySpace and some of the consumer photo sharing sites, but we’re pretty proud that the word is out, and professional photographers are finding a myriad of uses for the site.

More importantly, we’re seeing some pretty damn interesting photography come through the doors like this one of Dizzy Gillespie photographed by Vern Fisher:


or MC Hammer with Hank Aaron by Ron Riesterer:


Just think of the possibilities if a few thousand professional photographers assembled their collections in one place…

I can be a critical, cynical bastard sometimes, but when I first saw the previews for the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series, my mouth started to water. And after having watched a few episodes in HD, I can tell you that this is one of the most remarkable series I’ve ever seen. Stop watching that American Idol and do something good for your brain.

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