Crowded House

Crowded House

(Note: This is Grover writing, not Allen!)

I am frequently out of the PhotoShelter office. Our headquarters, in New York City, is a small, modest office space. Our entire staff fits inside of one room filled with desks and computers and phones, and when we started 2 years ago, we knew we would need to find a bigger space someday. If things went well, we would say, we’d need to find a new place sooner rather than later.

I am based out of San Francisco, so I don’t have any dedicated desk space in our New York office. Since the PhotoShelter staff is growing rapidly, each time I come to New York, I have to find a new place to sit. Last week that place was a pile of cardboard boxes.

It is indeed time to move to a bigger office.

I counted 15 people busily working in the office space that originally held 8, and felt the need to document this with a picture. (If you look closely, you can see my Powerbook resting atop my desk of cardboard boxes in the very back of the room.)

PhotoShelter office: June 5, 2007

(Click on the picture to see a much larger version, with the names of all the individuals added.)

The good news is that, next month, we’re moving to a much bigger office right on Union Square, across the street from a park, next door to a microbrewery and around the corner from a totally amazing sushi restaurant.

I *may* even get my own desk at some point, but in the meantime I’m trying to think of ways to convince our network guru to extend the office wireless network to the park across the street. Wish me luck!

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  1. Steven Frischling at 2:18 pm

    Grover I like the PowerBook on the Dell boxes. It shows the superior nature of Apple over Windows. Also, not having an office is good. I spent a year with no office while working as a director, it was great! No way to track you down when you don’t want to be tracked down. Enjoy the bigger space!

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