The Set-up Shot

The Set-up Shot

This entry on got me thinking about all the funny pictures that must exist of various assistants during a lighting set-up. Often times, you might have a few minutes with a famous athlete, actor or businessman to nail a portrait, which was preceded by potentially hours of set-up time.

So I went into my own archive in search of some of these classic moments.

Here’s Denver-based photographer Grant Leighton helping me set-up lighting for a portrait in a boxing gym.

Freelance photographer and PhotoShelter user, Max Morse, took it to the hoop to set up a shot that I wanted to take of some basketball players dunking. Unfortunately, Max had to settle for the layup using a volleyball.

In all fairness, here’s one of your’s truly. As I implied, the set-up subject was pretty unglamorous compared to the real deal. Max, I wouldn’t even try the layup…

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