PhotoShelter Photography 2.0: First Video!

PhotoShelter Photography 2.0: First Video!

Here’s the first video that we’ve produced (and when I say “we,” I mean “Mike”) from the New York Town Hall. It’s a fantastic panel discussion between Kareem Black, Chase Jarvis, Jennifer Miller, Landon Nordeman, George Pitts, and Catherine Talese that covers issues of copyright, marketing, Getty, and other topics related to the business of photography.

We are just back from Atlanta and Chicago where we had a great time with our speakers and you! In Atlanta, I had a chance to grab dinner with our good friends at EZ Prints the night before the event. And of course, our speakers Bill Frakes, John Harrington, Jennifer Kilberg, Bryan Meltz, Rich Wakefield, Carolyn Wright, and our very own Meagan Ziegler-Haynes. Betsy Reid from SAA added a lot of color to the discussion, and Dr. Bob Carey brought a whole bunch of students from North Carolina for the day.

The Chicago event was held at the Alhambra Palace, this totally crazy cool venue in the warehouse district near Harpo Productions. Todd Baxter, Brittney Blair, Kevin McConkey, Liz Miller-Gershfeld, Brian Ulrich, and Katrina Wittcamp led a really lively discussion that covered issues of SEO, UI design, and breaking into the business.

It’s really interesting to see how the different geographies produce different sets of questions and concerns, and in that respect the videos that we’ll be throwing up have unique content that we think will be of interest to everyone.

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  1. Adam Patterson at 5:00 pm

    It seam to me that it would be easier and more of a precedent to move your stock content from getty images to another company, i don’t know of any other major ones, but i would also like to point out that iStockPhoto is owned by Getty now.

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