September 11

September 11

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I was saddened to see this story on the nytimes site about a photographer in Shanksville, PA, the site of the United 93 crash on September 11. Valencia McClatchey’s photo was the only one in this rural part of PA that showed any semblance of the crash within the first few minutes, and since she released it to the media, she has been barraged by conspiracists regarding its authenticity and veracity.

Although I encountered nothing of the same volume, I did receive some emails from people claiming that the NIST had deceptively photoshopped the images I submitted to them to obfuscate the facts regarding the South Tower’s collapse.

Believe me. There was no deception. There was no conspiracy. There were no sequence of detonations characteristic of a controlled explosion. There was only the lowest noise I’ve heard in my life when the tower came down. So the armchair conspiracists can save their fanciful tales for Area 51, and let the rest of us observe the solemn day in silence.

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