Alternate Markets for Buying & Selling Stock

About to run off to the PhotoPlus Expo in NY, but wanted to post two vids that our video production guru, Mike, made in conjunction with the American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP) New York Chapter. Sam Merrell invited me to speak with the CEOs of a few other companies about alternate markets for buying and selling stock images. We think the PhotoShelter Collection happens to be a great, and free outlet that has the potential to turn the industry on its feet.

The video is split into two parts. First, a 10-15 min presentation from each of the CEOs, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Sam (below). This was the first time that I had the opportunity to meet Brad Kuhns from IPNStock, and he came across as so level-headed and straight-forward. I really appreciated what he had to say, and I think you will to. Other speakers included Paul Melcher, Randy Taylor, and Evan Nisselson. We talked about PLUS, video, citizen journalism, microstock…the whole shebang.

As usual, the videos are LONG. Some parts are BORING. But other parts are quite informative. BTW, the room was freezing, so I had to wear my little jacket the whole time, but at least I finally got a haircut (no, seriously. I did).

Lastly, no one really knows who “A Photo Editor” is other than some NY-based magazine editor. But he/she happened across our Town Hall videos, and concurred with Weiden+Kennedy’s Marni Beardsley on a lot of issues. Some of the comments are hilarious….like there seems to be some negative vibes in the photo editor community for our boy, Chase Jarvis. But photographers love his message of inspiration. I guess car jackings and ninjas in stylized lighting isn’t for everyone, but we still love ya Chase! Don’t hate, innovate!

Bone, thugs and harmony,

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