2007 Thankful Things

It’s been a little quiet around blog land recently, if only because I’ve been trying to catch up on some sleep, and concentrate on not eating as much McDonald’s, while simultaneously jump starting my 2004 exercise regimen. But I figured on this 2007 Thanksgiving, a stream-of-consciousness list of thanks would be apropos. And no, it’s not a list of two-thousand and seven thanks, that’s just the year…

To the best staff a guy could imagine. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but we’ve been able to assemble a crazy talented, intelligent, and caring team of individuals. And every person we bring in has really brought something new to the table.

The PhotoShelter Collection.

To my dad for sending me articles from home, and pictures of the progress on the house. To my mom for the constant reminder that my hair is never short enough heaped on with love. To my sister for being chill, and listening to funny story’s about the Hamamoto’s.

To the Hamamoto’s for a totally random and fun dinner two weeks in a row.

To the NJ Nets for finally winning a damn game. Sorry I didn’t watch the whole game last night, but I was sleepy. Ian Eagle kicks Marv’s butt.

To all the PhotoShelter photographers for believing in our little company, and letting us know when we suck, and when we done good.

Apple’s shiny iPhone made me want to spend lots of money on a phone — my second, shiny iPhone. Y’all should make them more concrete resistant.

George and the folks over at General Catalyst for backing our play, and for stepping up in ways we couldn’t imagine.

GS and Christine showed me how beautiful and tragic life can be. In the end, it’s all beautiful.

Champagne, how’d they get all those bubbles inside of you? Tequila, you’re nuts for something that comes from cactus. 7 drinks.

An office that’s really on Union Square.

Jack Bauer and Ayelet for 24 hours, a few nuclear devices, vacuuming crumbs from the bed, poor Edgar, followed by deep sleep. If only every day could be 24.

My piano at 2am.

Forums are a strange thing, aren’t they? Despite some frustrating moments, it’s exactly what we wanted.

Late night at Landmarc.

Fountain coke with lots of ice. No seriously, fill it to the top, and yes, I know that means I get less soda.

15 east. You’re so close. You’re like crack. Please name a roll after me.

My comfortable bed. Ah, if only we had more time together.

The interwebs, lolcats, chickens who break up fights between rabbits, laughing babies, skateboarding dogs, bemicals and boracles.

Photography. I stare at pictures from my past. I anticipate photos from my future.

Herbie Hancock, Corinne Bailey Rae, Brad Mehldau, Wake the Bear, John Mayer(!), Jay-Z, Kanye, Luciana Souza, Ultimate Ears UE-10, ear plugs, iTunes, iPod, etc, etc.

People drooling on themselves on the plane after ODing on “ambien,” people passing kidney stones on the plane, people laughing at 6am at a sitcom on their iPod.

More watt/seconds.

Josh, stick my name into another episode.

$15 2GB CF cards. D3. Wireless Freedom.

Everyone that laughs at my jokes. I’ll try to come up with some new ones next year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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