I love you, Kathy Ryan

I love you, Kathy Ryan

Kathy Ryan, the Director of Photography for the New York Times Magazine, went pretty above and beyond this week, assigning several things to people I’m not used to seeing a lot of editorial photography from, ie: Tim Davis, Massimo Vitali (both in the Travel mag), and Katherine Wolkoff. Amy Arbus also shot a piece, and Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton did a fashion story. I don’t know how you do it, Kathy. Especially the two magazines in one week. You must have Martha Stewart’s sleep patterns. And great assistants.

Kathy ALSO put an animal on the cover, for a politics story, no less. Go trend, Go! This image is by Andrew Bettles, and is by far my favorite of all the images in the Magazine this week.

andrew bettles.jpg

Tim Davis, for a story on Boulder, Colorado… *although I must admit, I LOVE Davis’ personal work, but I thought these were just “eh”.

Massimo Vitali, for a story on Tyrol:

One of Katherine Wolkoff’s images for the article on the Harvard Chastity club:

Amy Arbus shoots Tom Cole, chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee. Love the square.

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