Hot Photo Assistant Contest: Update

Hot Photo Assistant Contest: Update

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PA: Joel Barhamand/ Photographer: Andrew Hetherington

Okey doke. So this morning we revealed our plans to take over the world, one hot photo assistant at a time. We also mentioned that the contest winner would receive a prize. And what prize is that? Ready for the reveal, my swans?

drumroll please….

The prize is 4 amazing seats to either a NY Yankees or SF Giants game. Like, seats that are not really affordable in real life. These are seats that are already bought and paid for, season-ticket style.

If you live in the Midwest and win, we’ll figure something else out. It won’t be Denny’s.

In any case, I thought I’d share with you some of our early submissions. The competition is already STIFF. It’s hard to beat a chimp. But let’s see some ladies!!

PA: Bogdan Tiflinsky/ Photographer: Morten Smidt

micah_cat.jpgPA: Micah Matson / Photographer: Embry Rucker

PA: Josh Elliot and Chris Calvert/ Photographer: Andy Batt

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PA: Blake Sinclair/ Photographer: KT Auleta

check out the original post after the jump.

OK, photo assistants. Here’s your time to shine. We know the life you lead is not an easy one. You lift things all day, you hustle for gigs, you sometimes take the fall when your employer fails. And yet, you keep doing it. Why? For the love of the game! It’s admirable.

So we want to honor you. Also, we know you have big biceps from the gear you lug, and we want to see them.

Here’s the deal:

1. Tell us your name.
2. Send in a photo or photos of yourself. They can be on set, or not. On set is funnier.
3. Include a list of the photographer(s) you assist.


If you are a photographer, nominate your assistant. Send in a picture behind his or her back. You don’t even need to be a photographer. Anyone can nominate an awesome photo assistant.


Here is an excellent example for you, provided by assistant extraordinaire Joel Barhamand. He sets a high standard, so make sure pull out your good polaroids, or he’ll have you beat.

1. Joel Barhamand

joel_Showgirls-1 copy.jpg
photo by Rafael Fuchs

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photo by Rafael Fuchs

*that baseball shot above is also an excellent example.

3. Joel regularly assists:

Andrew Hetherington
Eric Ogden
Tina Tyrell
Mark Heithoff
Troy House
Michelle Pedone
Shay Peretz
Blossom Berkofsky
David Tsay
Elena Dorfman
Kevin O’Brien
Marili Forastieri
Rafael Fuchs

Okey doke, my friends. You have TWO weeks to complete this assignment. By then we will have figured out a poll function and the the reader-voting can begin. Submit all your images to me, by April 24th.

ALSO, and this is very important: Lady photo assistants are very much encouraged to apply. You know who you are, and you know you are hot. Do it.

Oh yeah! The winner will get a very big prize.

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