Julia Fullerton-Batten's Take on the Teenager

Julia Fullerton-Batten's Take on the Teenager

Since I’ve been thinking about adolescent female imagery all day, I was considering putting together a gallery of some the photographers who are working in this guise right now, but my list was way too long and I felt overwhelmed. I settled on showing some of British photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten‘s work, which feels like a cross-breed between Sally Mann and Jeff Wall. Well, maybe more Wall; it’s quite constructed, but still has traces of feeling, especially in the portraits with one girl in the frame. A little Lauren Greenfield, and Alessandra Sanguinetti (The Adventures of Guile and Belinda and the Engimatic Meaning of their Dreams is possibly my favorite photo project, ever) seem to be seeping in, too. Hello, name-dropper! In any case, Fullerton-Batten recently did a book of teenage work, entitled Teenage Stories. All of the work below is from her personal work; she’s clearly continually interested in the adolescent trope.

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  1. david at 2:16 am

    was discussing issues around this with my lover last night after watching the excellent ‘my life as a dog’, then this morning in the papers – ‘save the children’ wants the nordic-light exhibition showing of jock sturgess photos censored, even here in norway. http://www.dagbladet.no/kultur/2008/04/26/533710.html a rough translation of the organizer, morten krogvolds, response is that he can ‘understand their reasons’ for wanting censorship but thinks the whole world should not adjust themselves around the thoughts of a minority of loonatics.

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