Kent Rogowski + Ethan Fuirst = Magic

Kent Rogowski + Ethan Fuirst = Magic


There’s hope for the youth of this country, yet! Twelve-year-old Ethan
Fuirst has made a short film inspired by Kent Rogowski‘s Bears book (upon which we touched briefly in our interview with Michael Foley).

From the official press release:

    “My movie is based on the book Bears by Kent Rogowski. In my film
    I take my sister’s teddy bear and turn it literally inside out. It’s a
    dangerous operation. Only a few doctors agreed to help change this
    bear’s life. They spent hours training for the procedure by watching
    House, Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs reruns.”

The film is seriously virtuosic. Note the use of shadows during the
gory bits, and the well-cast cameo by a Wii remote and nunchuk.

Watch out, Kubrick.

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