Lunchtime Poll: Juergen and Marc. Comprenez Vous?

Lunchtime Poll: Juergen and Marc. Comprenez Vous?


The Juergen Teller Marc Jacobs ads hit the the Times today, in an article written by Cathy Horyn, no less. The article, When Is a Fashion Ad Not a Fashion Ad  is a must read, and not just for the Victoria Beckham quotes. A snippet:

Dennis Freedman, the creative director of W, which has published Mr.
Teller’s editorial work for years, contends that the ads are comparable
to those Mr. Lauren did with Mr. Weber. “Ralph created a perfect world
for his customer to live in,” Mr. Freedman said. “Marc has created a
world around himself, and everything he does has a kind of mystique.
It’s very aspirational to anyone who wants to feel they get it.”

Taking almost the same line, the art dealer Barbara Gladstone, who is a
friend of both the artist and the designer, said, “The ads are really
for people who get it, and I think Marc and Juergen happily dispense
with those who don’t.”

So here’s my question to you, dear reader: do YOU “get it”?


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  1. JC at 5:06 pm

    the tom-fordisation of Marc Jacobs, the gawkerisation of the ny times fashion section… while juergen teller makes money out of stupid photos (like murakami does with vuitton)

  2. Joel Barhamand at 5:16 pm

    I think for people that “get it” it’s not pretentious or stupid, it’s just to their taste. I am a huge Juergen Teller fan, I honestly don’t get what people don’t like. I think he makes tremendously engaging photo’s that I love to look at. What more could someone ask for in a photograph? People seem to judge him for his worst work and forget that the vast majority of his work is fantastic. His Washington D.C. fashion story in W a few months back was unbelievable from start to finish, the Jacobs campaign has been hit or miss, but overall incredibly fun. I get it, I don’t know why, I don’t care why, I just really like it.

  3. JC at 5:48 pm

    ps. i used to LOVE Juergen Teller, really (it was before he started to show his organ). His photo of Rachel William’s butt is in my top 10.

  4. DeadEye at 12:32 am

    Nope, don’t get it. And if there is, in fact, something to “get,” then it can be explained. So those who get it, explain it. It looks very cold and very contrived to me. And a comment like this, “The ads are really for people who get it, and I think Marc and Juergen happily dispense with those who don’t,” is both snotty and asinine. C’mon, dealer lady, what’s to get?

  5. Adam at 5:51 pm

    I just recently came across a book of photographs taken by blind children. I was simply amazed at how many of their pictures looked like something I would see any number of my friends and colleagues try to replicate. I am equally amazed at how much this work reminds me of theirs. I am also equally amazed that anyone thinks this is poignant photography. Is it good? Maybe, sure. Is it overhyped consumer trash media? Hell yes.

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