David Doubilet and the Nudibranch

David Doubilet and the Nudibranch


Watch and listen to National Geographic photographer David Doubilet introduce the Nudibranch here. I promise it will knock your socks off!

Notable quotes:

“Of all the creatures in the sea, these are the high fashion models.”

“Nudibranchs have a marvelous sex life. They are hermaphrodites.”

Doubilet built a seamless studio to photograph these Nudibranchs. There’s nothing like a soft, seagoing slug!


Nembrotha kubaryana
Cuthona sp.


Chromodoris annae compensate for their tiny size with loud, contrasting hues–warning predators of a toxic snack.


Flabellina exoptata


Asteronotus cespitosus


hard body and thick skin help armor Halgerda batangas against predators.


Chromodoris sp.

Amazing. Though I’m glad my name isn’t Flabellina.

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  1. Eric Etheridge at 12:56 pm

    On page 152 of the issue there is a great picture of the underwater studio setup Doubilet used. Couldn’t find it online. A mini white cyc sitting on a tripod, with three lights. One on a stand shooting through the cyc from behind. Two lights hanging off the camera, one more of less above the model slug, the other coming in above and from the side. EE

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