Larry Fink on the Campaign Trail

Larry Fink on the Campaign Trail

The RFK pictures from New York Magazine led me to Vanity Fair’s coverage of Bill Eppridge’s imagery, and it was then that I saw the Larry Fink campaign imagery of Hillary and Obama. I think these are pretty beautiful and well-done; I love a gray image, and I love it square. These images feel not so divorced from 1968. Interesting, too, to see The Times top-dog Damon Winter crouched there on the floor.


Clinton with Mayor Reed and Harrisburg voters.


Senator Obama makes his way through the crowd after the speech.


Voters gather to hear Clinton speak at the Capitol Diner.


Photographer Damon Winter finds an unusual angle at an Obama town-hall meeting in San Antonio, March 3.


A Harrisburg store advertises its support for Clinton. Obama went on to
win 58 percent of the vote in Dauphin County, where Harrisburg is
located, while Clinton dominated the state’s less-populated areas.

Senator Obama (above) arrives by plane in San Antonio, on March 3, the day before the Texas Democratic primary.

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  1. JAWN at 1:48 pm

    These are some great shots. They remind me of Leigh Wiener. He had some similar fabulous political (& other celebs) shots!

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