Morning Poll: Obscure Tribe Edition

Morning Poll: Obscure Tribe Edition

Here’s the question: If you have your pictures taken by an AP photographer, are you still “uncontacted”?



the Daily Mail:

“These pictures are further evidence that uncontacted tribes really do
exist. The world needs to wake up to this, and ensure that their
territory is protected in accordance with international law.
Otherwise, they will soon be made extinct.”

Looks to me like those folks feel contacted. And want to make some contact back.

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  1. Jim Newberry at 1:18 am

    Well, I think “uncontacted” is an improvement over “undiscovered.” I think what they mean is that this tribe hasn’t had significant communication or interaction with the modern world. Anyway, the photographs are really intriguing. – Jim

  2. Ignacio Aronovich at 9:54 pm

    AP picked up the photos. They were not taken by an AP photographer. They are shot by Gleison Miranda, who works for Funai, Brazil’s National Indian Foundation. The images are the first photos of these tribes, but their presence in the region is known since 1910. There are over 100 “uncontacted” tribes in the world, 40 of which are in Brazil. The purpose of Funai’s expedition is not to contact the tribes, but to map their location to protect their land. (or so they claim). The images are from Acre state, near the border with Peru. great blog! cheers, ig

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