Photography Online: It’s the Future

Photography Online: It’s the Future

Two examples of the future of graphics online. We’ll do this in a friendly low-brow/high-brow format.

First, low-brow. Knickerpicker. The name sort of says it all. You can choose a lady and tell her what to put on for you. Reminds me a bit of the bunny ranch. But still, helpful if you’re in the market for knickers and you want to see what they’d look like on someone hotter than you.


Second, high-brow. This one I found yesterday when I was sorting through Brea’s Scarlett portraits. I hadn’t known about this magazine, Paste, and it turns out that they use technology through BlueToad that allows you to read and look at the whole magazine online, complete with sound effects for the turned-pages. I imagine this would irritate some people, but I kind of like it.

Check it out.



thanks, noodle.

Also, via APE: Sexy Subaru!!!

I love a subaru.

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  1. Marketing Guy at 10:13 am

    Great idea, but please give us a button to turn the sound off. Yes, irritating after three or four spreads. And how about adding a few blow-in cards to get in the way too, to make the experience for lifelike? And how about some tipped-in sheets of a different pdf weight, to make the page harder to turn? Let’s go for real life.

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