Speaking of APE; Someone’s got a Facebook Group

Seems the man himself is in for a little more social networking. I’m still smarting from my initial rejection by Ina Saltz years ago, so I may need some Jose Cuervo before I attempt an entre here (for the record, I have no idea what the qualifications are for this group).


Who knows if I would qualify. I’m but a blogger, and my former photo editing positions were web-based. Is there no love facebook group out there for an online PE?

UPDATE: Moya McAllister just emailed to let me know that online PEs are indeed welcome in this group. Their aim is to create a community, not to be that scary well-dressed clique in the corner of the cafeteria.  Excellent news, pass the tater tots!

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  1. Moya McAllister at 4:07 pm

    Hi there, Rachel – I’m the other admin (the one that’s not APE) on the Facebook group you posted about. The group is not very old, and we’re sort of just starting out. Although it’s true that right now, you would not qualify for membership because you’re working for a stock agency & photographer’s agent, you would have as an online photo editor for Rolling Stone. There’s no discrimination involved – we just wanted to start a group a community of photo editors that work at magazines. Best wishes, Moya

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