The Musician Portrait: Jason Nocito

The Musician Portrait: Jason Nocito

Jason Nocito has the musician portrait down. He’s not kidding around. No frills, not even flashlights, maybe just some wind in your hair if you’re a lady. Well, a lot of wind. And the more hair the better.

Seriously, though. This man has developed what seems to be a rather foolproof formula. And the editors at these magazines are psyched.


Subject:Yoshimi/The Bordems
Client:The Fader

Subject:Ashley Simpson
Client:Jane Magazine

Subject:Steven Malkmus
Client:Tokion Magazine

Thumbnail image for 7W8yAzn3.jpg
Subject:Avril Lavigne
Client:Nylon Magazine

Subject:Young Jeezy
Client:The Fader

Subject:Zach Condon/Beruit
Client:New York Magazine

Subject:Rick Ross
Client:The Fader

Subject:Chan Marshal
Client:The Fader


Subject:Kyp Malone
Client:The Fader


Subject:Fiona apple
Client:Nylon Magazine


Subject:Lazy Bone/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Client:The Fader

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  1. John at 8:12 pm

    Just pure garbage, Nocito,Capello,Marvin Scott Jarret are the worse photographer in NYC, one owns a magazine(Jarret/Nylon) so i understand that it’s his toy and he does whatever he wants, the other 2 are the product of the LES night scene,Terry Richardson/Jurgen Teller wannabe, they are just bad copies of these photographers.

  2. Rose at 3:20 pm

    It’s not garbage, he’s an extremely gifted photographer and so what if Scott Jarrett owns Nylon? If he took ‘garbage’ photos both Nylon and Mr. Jarrett wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they are today. I think these photos are genius and very creative. I aspire to one day be as good and talented of a photographer as the people that took them.

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