Clio Awards Honor Billboards of Fire and Rainbows

Clio Awards Honor Billboards of Fire and Rainbows

I meant to post on the 2008 Clio Awards, but they somehow slipped by unblogged. I was lucky enough to circle ’round again today, and was delighted to find that two of the winners in the billboard category made use of my favorite tropes: fire and rainbows!

The first winner is truly stunning; it’s a self-destructing billboard, made for an ad for a courier company. The billboard counted itself down to its own demise.

Tagline: When we give you a time, we mean it.

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Self Destruct

Deadline Couriers
Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Creative Director: Richard Maddocks

Art Director: Josh Lancaster, Jamie Hitchcock

Designer: Simon Redwood

These still images seem like a photo project of their own. Very nicely done. Here’s the youtube clip, in case you need your live-action kerplosion fix.

And the rainbow, slightly more self-explanatory. It’s purpose was to look pretty and to make people buy lottery tickets. And it does. And it (presumably) did.

Rainbow Billboard

BC Lottery Corporation – Lotto Super 7
TBWAVancouver, Vancouver
Creative Director: Paul LittleArt Director: John Williamson

Photographer: Hans Sipma


See all the Clio Award winners here. Some really fun stuff. I even saw some cats, but I held myself back.

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