Design and Image Trend: The Lobster

Design and Image Trend: The Lobster

You know, that lobster credit card put me in a crustacean kind of mood. So much so that I’m going to share with you a little trend I’ve been seeing in the ad world. That trend is lobsters, my friends. If you shoot stock, start hitting up those lobster boats, because this thing spells CASH COW. Let me show you some examples, they’ve been collecting dust in my lobster folder.

Many trends start in the sneaker market, and this is no exception. These come complete with claw (toe) rubberbands, gingham napkin insoles, a shell cracker, lemon wedge, and wet nap. The leather is even dappled like a real shell. Where do you get them? You can’t. They’re sold out, because they are trendy. Try ebay.


The wide view. They come in a crate.


And the print ads:

  • Cannes Lions 2007: The Lobster


  • Lavinia Breeze Restaurant

Agency: Liquidmedia Advertising – Sri Lanka

*this one’s a little dirty.


  • Laidbackwaters: Lobster


  • Alka Seltzer: Lobster

Advertising Agency: BBDO Barcelona


  • Tesco Lotus

Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok, Thailand


  • Tuborg: Lobster

Advertising Agency: Noble Graphics Creative Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Visa: Because Life is Now, Lobster

Advertising Agency: Diego+Heymann+Partners, USA


  • Surfrider Foundation

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Paris


* the lobster is hidden, so I helped with an arrow.

Go make lobster pictures! And send me your results! Or send me lobsters!

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