Flickr and the Camera Marketplace

Flickr and the Camera Marketplace

A few of my flickr contacts have been using their accounts to sell cameras lately. This seems like a pretty good use for flickr, especially since you can post sample imagery. I’ve bought most of my cameras off of ebay; I like the adventure. Here are two cameras that have always intrigued me: the Fuji GA654 and the
Fuji Pro GSW 6×9.

I’ve shot with the 645 before, but not the 6×9. The 645 is a pretty fun and fully automatic rangefinder, takes both 120 and 220 film, and feels like a point-and-shoot. Here ’tis:


This one’s still available for $400, which is a steal. Here are pictures taken with the camera:

photo by Alexander Martinez

photo by Alexander Martinez

photo by Alexander Martinez

Bryan Schutmaat sold his 6×9 already, but they’re readily available used. The 6×9 format has always seemed rather rogue to me– does anyone out there shoot with it regularly?

The camera’s a beaut:




photo by Bryan Schutmaat


Bryan Schutmaat


Bryan Schutmaat

Search flickr tags for “camera” and “sale”; you’ll find some interesting things.

UPDATE: Diego Fernandez sent in an image taken with the gsw690 with the 65mm lens. Nice. I like this whole series, actually.


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  1. DriftingSon at 4:11 pm

    I have a Voightlander Bessa and Bessa II that I absolutely love- they’ll shoot 6×6 to 6×9 and I always keep it on 6×9, as I love that wide format. But I haven’t been shooting much since processing is such a hassle for me- no one on the island of Hawaii can process, so processing color slide film by mail is expensive and tedious. I hope to at least shoot more B&W with it once I get my darkroom finished. The Bessa is probably for sale, BTW.

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