It’s all the Rage: Camera Tattoos

Since we’re in the communal spirit with all this Shoot the Day and School of Stock business, I thought I’d put up a few images of rad camera tattoos I’ve come across recently; If you have one of your own, send it in!

There are many ways to have a camera tattoo. You can make a diagram:
photo by eric brown

You can use an iconic pattern, a la Aperture:

photo by Pauly Pic

(Pauly was nice enough to include his photo info: 80EXII camera right @ 1/8 into bounce umbrella, fill light from ambient.)

You can honor an your favorite camera, like the Polaroid SX-70:

photo by Sorrydad

Or you can go classic, with a twin lens and some meaningful text:

photo by Richard Hart

What decisive moment will you immortalize?

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