Move over Marc and Juergen; Vivienne’s in Town.


And she will trump your shemale controversy! In the latest *shocking” fashion industry news, Vivienne Westwood cast her Milan runway show with “real gypsies”. From the Telegraph:

“A member of the Milan council criticised the show, saying that she has a ‘romantic’
image of the Roma that “no longer corresponds to reality’.

The models, dressed as “rough, stylish and hardened” Roma, were part
of Ms Westwood’s show’s theme of ‘tolerance’.

Council member Tiziano Maiolo said “I think the designer has a romantic
notion about gypsies that is one hundred years out of date.”

I don’t know what to think about all this business, but I DO know what to think about this image: it is awesome.


photos by AFP/Getty

You can model for me anytime, my gypsy friend. I love your teeth. They are so… authentic! Grrrr.

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  1. caleb condit at 11:07 pm

    So, my neighbors here in madrid are living proof, that is isn´t idealized. These dudes are dressed to the nines, gold swinging every which way, goorin brother´s fedoras, 400 euro shoes, and a guitar case or cajon. Maybe my neighbors are just on top of their game. And maybe roma in madrid is just hotter than hot.

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