PhotoShelter New York Buyer Cocktail Party

PhotoShelter New York Buyer Cocktail Party

We held a little Summer cocktail party the other week to get a bunch of our buyers together and have a drink. And to up the ante, we raffled off some images from the PhotoShelter Collection that were generously printed for us by the good folks over at AdoramaPix. Big thanks to the photographers that helped us make this event a success: Thomas Boyd, Gus Butera, Jason Florio, Kevin German, Julie Kuceris, Vincent Laforet, Nicholas Lorden, Matt Nighswander, Stacey Pittman, Matthew Porter, Gus Powell, Robert Whitman.


The check-in line to the swanky Stay Lounge. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.


Joel Barhamand and Kelly Phillips from Better Home and Gardens. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.


Ilene Cherna Bellovin Photo Editor. Production & Research  and Susan Jones. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.


George Pitts from Latina magazine speaks with Liane Radel. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.


(L to R): Gus Powell, Ber Murphy, and Andrew Hetherington


(L to R): Gus Butera, Allen Murabayashi, Meagan Ziegler-Haynes, Vincent Laforet. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.


Darell Perry from the Wall St. Journal with his Jason Florio image. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.


Frank Roldan from VH1 with April Tripodi. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.


Some of the prints that were donated for our raffle. Photo by Josh Gerritsen.

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