A Time It Was: Bill Eppridge's Photos of Bobby Kennedy

A Time It Was: Bill Eppridge's Photos of Bobby Kennedy

Longtime Eddie Adams friend, Bill Eppridge, is an icon of American photojournalism — most noted for his photo of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. His recently published book, “A Time It Was: Bobby Kennedy in the Sixties”  is a poignant essay of Kennedy’s run for the White House, but also a reminder of how much political coverage has changed.

Eppridge recently compared photographing Bobby Kennedy in the 60s with trying to take photos of Barack Obama this year in a SportsShooter.com article.


Photo by Bill Eppridge



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  1. Lucas Cichon at 1:40 pm

    The saddest part is all we ever get to see from our future presidents are scripted, per-packaged, infomercials. It really isn’t a matter or picking the best person any longer, because we really don’t ever know anything about the person, just the PR. Television, for all things it does good, has really hurt our politics. Seems like we are a long way from FDR standing on the back of a train giving speeches.

  2. anon at 2:12 pm

    whats the deal with the shadows in the b&w pic? do they look doctored to anyone else? i love eppridge’s work, but still…

  3. Bill Eppridge at 3:10 pm

    In the days before digital we made photographic prints for engraving. The print that ‘anon July1-2:12PM’ writes about was the original print used by LIFE magazine in the June 14, 1968 issue. That print was partially destroyed when my house burned in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon in the ’70s. What is questioned as “doctored” is in reality fire damage. It is all explained in the final chapter of the book. Buy it… Bill Eppridge

  4. Allen Murabayashi at 3:25 pm

    Bill, sign my book! @anon, if you’re talking about the other b/w photo, It looks like there’s a bright light source left and behind. Look at the highlight on RFK’s hair and the businessman’s hat. That could easily cast a shadow.

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