Rob Haggart from aphotoeditor.com has just launched his new web portfolio service called aphotofolio.com (are you sensing a naming trend?). Here’s the low down:

  • Flash-based website designed by a guy that hires people based on their websites
  • SEO/product design by some head honchos at Big Folio
  • $1000 set up fee, $17/monthly hosting
  • iPhone optimized (this is a first to my knowledge)
  • 2 base designs with more to come

The portfolio website business is a very crowded space (e.g. livebooks, neonsky), but on the other hand, I will say that there are far too many photographers out there that still don’t “get it.” They create websites that are cumbersome and gimmicky rather than giving the people what they want — and by “the people,” I mean editors/art directors/image buyers like Rob. Grover Sanschagrin covered a lot of terrible websites during his Shoot! The Day presentation (video forthcoming) that could have used a service like’s Rob’s. Oh yeah, the other cool thing is that you can hire Rob to edit your portfolio too becauase most photographers can’t edit their work effectively (too emotionally invested).

So let’s recap:

  • You’re a photographer
  • You’re not a web designer
  • You’re not an editor
  • Hire someone to do #2 and #3 effectively for you.
  • Use the PhotoShelter Personal Archive to add archive search, high-res distribution, and sales capability to your website.
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