Art! Dru Donovan Makes Me Laugh.


I was going to do a “night swimming” post, after the sara hair debacle below, and because everyone has a night swimming picture, and because I stayed up late watching Mad Men and they were talking about night swimming at the kitchen table.

And the first image I thought of was this one, above, by Dru Donovan. Even though it’s probably day swimming in reality, I love it anyway and was going to include it.

But then I looked at the new B&W work on Donovan’s site and was mesmerized because:

1. It’s rare to see this kind of intellectual cleverness in a black and white format.
2. These are just WEIRD and wonderful. I feel like the Talking Heads should make an album to go with each one. Or Beck or someone.
3. They are a nice arty complement to Felix Larher’s work, which I just posted, and I like momentum.

Anyway- you decide what’s going on in these, cause I can’t tell ya.








Night Swimming pictures will go up next week. Which means you should send me yours this weekend.

Here are some other rad people who enjoy the black and white medium.


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