Five Reasons (Today) That I love NotCot

Alright, guys. Since I’m hanging you out to dry on a restricted diet of blog posts, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. And believe me, I’ve thought hard about doing this, because it feels like I’m all but giving away Grandma’s kugel recipe. You’ll never come for the High Holidays again.

But here goes. It’s NotCot. It’s an aggregator.

Tagline: For your ideas + aesthetics + amusement.

Here are five reasons to love it (and these are just things that showed up there today)… try the randomizer to really blow your mind.

1.  Helpful things, like printable vintage postcards.


2. Beautiful things, like  Alexander Pasevin’s work.


3. Hilariously amazing things to people like me: The My Little Pony Project.

4. The  I-don’t-know-quite-how-I-feel-about-it-but-there’s-a-puppy thing.


5. Obama things. natch.


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  1. tom at 2:41 pm

    Thanks for this info. Your blog is fine! I actually get hits on my website a lot from not cot… so I guess it shows up in the randomizer sometimes. (There is a great little interview with Martin Parr on PDN today.)

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