JPG Magazine Special Offer

JPG Magazine Special Offer


Some people liken user-generated content to monkeys banging away on typewriters. The fallacy of this metaphor is in the way the Internet helps us to aggregate people into specific interest groups, and how these interest groups can share technique, vision, and philosophy to create something decisive and purposeful.

JPG Magazine happens to be one of these phenomena in the photo world. The premise is simple. JPG creates themes for a printed issue, and people submit images against the theme. The editors cull together the best of the best and publish a magazine six times a year that has top notch photography — there’s nothing accidental about it.


So we’re psyched that JPG has joined us once again in supporting Shoot! The Day as our lead media sponsor, and not only that, but they’re offering up $5 off an annual subscription.

To take advantage of this special offer, just click here and sign up. The JPG Magazine registration mechanism will add your discount automatically.

We’ve been really fortunate to get some really talented folk from the JPG community into the PhotoShelter community including Jeremiah Ridgeway, who enlisted in the Army as a reconaissance calvary scout after becoming disillusioned with cinematography. He ended up taking his camera along during his 16 month stint in Afghanistan and now you can license his images on PhotoShelter.

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