Nerve Design Quiz: Test Your Knowledge.

Nerve Design Quiz: Test Your Knowledge.

Nerve has a pretty fun design issue online right now, and one of the highlights is a design quiz. I thought it was going to be all gravy, but I got some wrong.


Here are some of the easier ones.


Q: This font combines uppercase and lowercase letters into a single
character set, and is named after a German modernist design school of
the early twentieth century (not a British goth band).

A. Siouxie      
B. Cure        
C. Danse        
D. Bauhaus


Q: The logo shown above, now the insignia of the New York Yankees, was
originally designed in 1887 by this jewelry company, which put it on a
medal given to a police officer shot in the line of duty.

A. De Beers    
B. Zales        
C. Jared        
D. Tiffany


Q: Designer Ross Lovegrove has spent his career creating high-concept
industrial works like the lighting scheme above, but his best-known
creation is this iconic portable electronic device, patented in the
U.S. in 1978.

A. The Nintendo Gameboy        
B. Simon        
C. The cordless phone  
D. The Sony Walkman


Q: This tuxedo-style suit for women was created in 1966 by Yves Saint
Laurent, and is credited with breaking the mold for androgynous
modern-day pantsuits and power suits.

A. Le Smoking  
B. Le Sizzle    
C. Le Pantaloons        
D. Le Roux

Go test more of your knowledges here. There are twenty of ’em.

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  1. MarcW at 3:46 pm

    13 of 20. I suck. However, it said I was a Tasteful Trend Watcher (which I assume is sort of good) and everything it said about me was wrong. M

  2. Rachel Hulin at 3:52 pm

    16/20 i am most embarrassed about the gherkin. i love gherkins. and i KNEW IT. here is my report. rather pleased with it, really: You got 16 out of 20 correct. You’re a Style Icon, in the vein of Edie Sedgwick, Jackie Kennedy and Prince — not just well-appointed, but inventive, insidery and ahead of the curve. You own fresh-off-the-runway items from Vivienne Westwood and Salvatore Ferragamo, and accent your sparsely furnished industrial loft with pieces from Noguchi and Saarinen. You’re probably an architect. Your phone has a cord, and your eyeglasses are custom made. If you were born American, you live abroad. If you were born abroad, you live in New York. People secretly try to memorize your apartment and your outfits. mmmhm. I DO have vintage Ferragamo boots, my friends.

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