Slideluck Potshow is Brooklyn Bound

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Could we love the folks at Slideluck Potshow more? No, we could not. They are the best and the brightest and they believe in pictures and excitement and foods. Two thumbs WAY UP. If you’re anywhere near Brooklyn this Saturday, consider checking out the show.

Here are the official details from the brilliant faces behind the curtain: Alys Kenny and Casey Kelbaugh:

Hot Town!  Summer in the City.

For the first time in New York, Slideluck Potshow will be venturing
from isle of Manhattan and into Kings County.  It will also be our
first outdoor slideshow potluck in NYC.  We invite you to join us on
Saturday, August 2nd, for Slideluck Potshow XII at McCarren Park Pool
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

For those of you not familiar with this venue, it’s a gem of the
Moses/LaGuardia era.  It opened in 1936, in the middle of The Great
Depression, and was designed to get people’s minds off the economy.
 Here we are, 72 years later, hoping to do the same.  In the last
couple years, the giant pool has lain empty, but has been filled with
the sounds of great live music.  This is the last summer before the
city converts it back into a swimming pool and they have a fantastic
line-up:  Devo, M.I.A, Gogol Bordello, The Black Keys, DJ Shadow,
Wilco, and What!?  Slideluck Potshow?  Like any truly historic
occasion, it will smell of barbecque.

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
6:30pm Potluck
8:30pm Slideshow
Nearby Afterparty to follow


*RSVP Required. You will be asked to log in to our new Network to rsvp.
 The event is listed in top left of page.  Check out what we
have going in New York and elsewhere, and don’t forget to join the NYC

This our first venue in New York where capacity is not going to be an
issue, so you are welcome to pass this invitation along to others that
would enjoy a participation-based event such as this. Membership will
not be required at this show, though there will be an area reserved
only for Slideluck Potshow Members.

If you have not become a member, we encourage you to do so now and enjoy the benefits!  
Thanks for your time and we hope to catch you poolside.

More info here


Ooh, I’m gonna tie this back to PhotoShelter here. We like to talk about ourselves. Here are some pictures from Marc McAndrews‘ project, Brothels, which will be shown at Slideluck. So consider this a SNEAK PEEK.






It seems like everything this week is coming up taxidermied. Strange.
Also: When did clear shoes first arrive on the scene? So iconic.

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