Erik Boker: Product Dissections

Continuing with our theme of craftiness today, here are some of Erik Boker‘s product dissections.

From Boker’s project statement:

“I am interested in the notions of art as commercial product, art as
artifact, and the nature of the museum, and I continue to explore our
understanding of their roles, and the inherent beauty, humor, and
horror that lies within them.”

Horror is Aquafresh’s thorax, spread wide for all to see.


Aquafresh Extra Fresh


Aquafresh, Extreme Empowermint


Colgate Junior, Bubble Fruit


Colgate Maxfresh, Kiss Me Mint


Colgate Total Mint Stripe


Oral-B Stages for Kids
Bubble-Gum Magic – Disney Princesses


I can almost smell the princess bubblegum-tinged formaldehyde.

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  1. jonny at 2:35 pm

    Kenji Toma did a shoot like this for Mass Appeal a few years back. He dissected a bunch of classic Nike’s a la biology lab. complete with pins and some great props.

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