It’s the Future: Blind Camera Edition

It’s the Future: Blind Camera Edition

Oh, just in time. I was SO tired of taking my own pictures.


It is a camera that will capture a moment at the press of a button. However, unlike a conventional analog or digital camera, this one doesn’t have any optical parts. It allows you to capture your moment but in doing so, it effectively seperates it from the subject. Instead, as you will memorize the moment, the camera memorizes only the time and starts to continuously search on the net for other photos that have been taken in the very same moment.

Essentially, it is a camera that – using a mobile communication device – takes other’s photos. Photos that were created by someone who pressed a button somewhere at the same time as its own button was pressed. Even more so, it reduces the cameras to their networked buttons in order to create a link between two individuals.

After a few minutes or hours, depending on how soon someone else shares their photo on the web, an image will appear on the screen. In a way, it belongs half to the person who had pressed the button and still remembers that moment. Because of that connection, the photos are never dismissed as random, no matter how enigmatic they may be.

Confused? Watch the explanatory video.

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  1. Wayne at 1:11 pm

    While the narrator of the video doesn’t sound very enthusiastic about it, it’s an interesting concept. Perhaps it would help capture a moment better if it had GPS and would randomly find other images from the same location exactly 1 year earlier or something?

  2. SteveHopson at 2:02 pm

    “You press the button, we do the rest.” Somehow, I don’t think this will be real popular with working photographers. Still, if half of the photo’s value really does belong to the Buttons shooter, it might be worth uploading other people’s photos to Photoshelter to claim half the royalties.

  3. MarcW at 2:29 pm

    Ah, the CueCat of photography. Or perhaps more akin to the gizmo you could buy that would save a timestamp when you were listening to the radio so you could go back and look up the song later. Both of *those* really set the world on fire, didn’t they? M

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