All that Glitters: The Asahi Pentax LX Gold


Another golden goose chase, this one in the form of a Pentax. Here’s the timeline, as gleaned from some online sources:

1981: Pentax had sold its ten-millionth LX SLR camera. To celebrate this fete, they created a limited “LX Gold” edition which was 18 carat gold plated and wrapped in brown leather lizard skin. It came in a wooden box with red lining  and silk gloves for handling.
Only 300 pieces were made with 200 going to Japan and 100 for the
international market. But not all were sold, as some were given away for
photo contests and other PR stunts making it a super rare find.



2006: The LX Gold reappears! This time it’s recreated as the the “world’s first” completely dust-proof and
water-proof SLR case design, and marks Pentax’s 60th anniversary. Box again included. Gloves too.

Reader scavenger hunt:

Can anyone find one of these for sale?

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  1. C Caldwell at 6:20 pm

    I came across this website by chance. nico if you’re still out there my mother owns one of these in mint condition (never been used) Any idea of what they are worth?

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